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Lehahiah Angel of Obedience

Lehahiah Angel of Obedience

Lehahiah Angel of Obedience is the 34th name of God. The Bible scripture according to this name the name is: “Let Israel hope in the Lord from henceforth and for ever”. So, the meaning of the name Lehahiah is The Gentle God (Deus Clemens). He also is one of the Virtues.

Lehahiah Angel of Obedience

Lehahiah Angel of Obedience

Lehehiah is the faithful servant, the angel of obedience. He allow you discipline and sense of order in your life. When you are guided by Lehahiah Angel of Obedience, you are going to feel more loyalty and devotion. He will motivate you to do altruistic acts. Angel Lehahiah obeys the Divine Laws and the authority that represents them. And he can teach anyone to do so too. He can provide you a peaceful life, harmony and intelligence. Lehahiah Angel of Obedience can help you to learn how to obey, even when don’t understand why. He can help you and others to understand the Divine Justice. When he guides your life, you are going to feel upright, more responsible then usually and incorruptible.

Guardian Angel

Lehahiah fights against disobedience. He can help nations get rid of unfair laws, dictatorship and authoritarianism. Pray for his guidance when you live in lack of authority and incomprehension. Lehahiah can help those you are too competitive, too opposite and fights too much for his own right. He fights against violence, anger, treachery, war, rigidity and discord. Ask for his help when you meet rebellion, when you feel frustration and conflict with your superior, boss or chief. Lehahiah can help people who have rebel intentions against the laws. He can cure rejection, absence of receptivity and impulsiveness.

Lehahiah Angel of Obedience is the guardian angel of those who were born between September 08 and September 12. These people will be talented peacemakers. They will be loved by everybody because they love to help others in solving their problems. Also, they love to give advice and support others. They are kind people with high morals and hospitality. The individuals who were born under the influence of Lehahiah will be deeply emotional. They will love their children how they were loved by their parents. They love to live in a clean house where is always order.

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