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Gadreel is one of the fallen angel. And he shouldn’t be mistaken for Gadriel the Ruler of the 5th Heaven. The name Gadreel means “God Is My Helper”. Therefore, he was a holy angel before falling from Heaven alongside Lucifer.

Who is Angel Gadreel?

GadreelThe difference between Gadreel and Gadriel is very complicated. Because many people confuse the two of them. Some think that they are one and the same. But we are going to focus on the fallen angel in this article. Firstly, Gadreel is one of the fallen angels who rebelled against God. He is the one who lead Eve astray. Knowing this, makes rather Gadreel the talking serpent, instead of Satan himself.

Also, has became the demon of war. After, he himself started the war between nations. And then became an evil warrior. Also, he came down to earth alongside the fallen angels or the fallen watchers. Just like Azael, Gadreel nade humankind familiar with weapons and the notion of war.

Gadreel in ancient texts

The fallen angels appears in The famous Book of Enoch. The prophet describes him as the serpent which lead Eve astray (as I mentioned below). This story also appears in the Book Of Maccabees.

But the most interesting ancient text that mentions the fallen angel is The Covenant of Mount Hermon. In these ancient texts there is a rather fascinating story about Gadreel. The text mentions the fallen angel as the 3rd of the 5 so called “Satans”. Although he rebelled once against God. He then decided to rebel against his fallen brothers who started relationships with human women. He was even against the appearance of Nephilim. Going so far as to kill a few of these Nephilim.

His fallen brothers got angry when they saw him killing their “children” ad banished Gadreel from the Grigori (or Watchers). Which means that he was one of the Watchers. Being even one of the leaders of The Watchers of Grigoris (being the 3rd of the 5 leaders).

In conclusion, Gadreel is not an “angel” to pray to. He is the demon of war, merciless and cruel.

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