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Guardian Angel Hahasiah

Guardian Angel Hahasiah

Guardian Angel Hahasiah is the patron of the Universal Medicine. Firstly, the meaning of his name is God Who Is The Impenetrable Secret. In the Jewish culture, he belongs to the Elohims. This choir of angels is ruled by Archangel Raphael. Also, in the Christian culture, Guardian Angel Hahasiah belongs to the Principalities. They are ruled by Haniel the archangel.

Guardian Angel Hahasiah

Guardian Angel Hahasiah

Hahasiah is the patron and bringer of Universal Medicine. Guardian Angel Hahasiah is the patron of doctors, nurses. And every medical related professions. He helps us to find the causes of illnesses. If you are ill and you don’t know why. Hahasiah can help you discover the causes. He is a great healer. Also he brings universal remedies to our health issues. He can bring the true healing that penetrates every level of existence. His presence in our lives fills us with infinite goodness. Guardian Angel Hahasiah can help us to understand our existence from a multi-dimensional perspective. This amazing angel can teach us any esoteric knowledge. He allows us the access to the Higher Truth. To understand everything about the Universe.

Universal Medicine

Guardian Angel Hahasiah is the protector of those who were born between December 03 and December 07. If you were born in this period, then you are influenced by the great healer. You are a very intelligent person who is attracted to all sciences. But you have a deeper interest in minerals, plants and even animals. Your heart carries a beautiful healing light. This light will help you to live a harmonious life. You have the ability to become a great spiritual mentor. And even an expert in esoterics.

You understand the divine laws and orders. The presence of your Guardian Angel Hahasiah next to you fills you with deep knowledge about the Universe. You are a great peacemaker, always trying to find peace. Also, you love nature. You feel like home in nature, you find peace there. Your purpose in life is to find God. But you will do that by becoming your own priest and finding the divine within yourself.

Even if you were not born in the influencial period of Guardian Angel Hahasiah, he can still help you heal. Therefore, he will bring the Universal Remedies to any illness you are facing. Hahasiah has the ability to show you the truth about your existence.

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