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Guardian Angel Yerathel

Guardian Angel Yerathel

Guardian Angel Yerathel is the propagator of light. The meaning of his name is The Preventing God. He belongs to the choir of angels called Chasmalims, in the Jewish culture. This choir of angels is ruled by archangel Zadkiel. Also, in the Christian culture, he belongs to the choir of angels called Dominions.

Guardian Angel Yerathel

Guardian Angel Yerathel

Yerathel is angel of confidence. He is also the propagator of The Divine Light. Therefore, he is an inexhaustible source of energy. Also, Guardian Angel Yerathel will fill you with positive thoughts and optimism. He is the angel who can fight the evil forces with the divine light. So, he can liberate us from evil intentions. He is also the saver of those who were possessed by evil forces. Guardian Angel Yerathel is patron angel of justice, science, arts and even literature. He is the liberator. Not only from evil forces and possession, but also from people who are opposed to our personal development. Yerathel can lead our lives and businesses to success. He is also the patron angel of teachers. He guards those teachers and mentors who teach through speaking or writing.

Propagator Of Light

Guardian Angel Yerathel is the protector angel of those who were lucky enough to be born between August 02 and August 06. If you were born those days, then you are influenced by the propagator of the divine light. You are a mature person, always balanced and very intelligent. You possess strong perseverance and initiative. The presence of your Guardian Angel Yerathel in your life brings joy into your life. Your appearance is noble, refined and a note of pure happiness. Your guardian angel will always protect you from the evil forces. You have big chances to learn how to grow spiritually, to see the future through dreaming. And you can also experience astral projection, you only have to learn it. And know the Astral Projection Dangers. You live a harmonious life in accordance with the universal laws.

Even if you are not influenced by Guardian Angel Yerathel due to your birthday, he can still bring light into your life. Pray for his guidance and he is going to fill you with joy and optimism.

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