Yoga Poses For Two People

5 Amazing Yoga Poses For Two People

Yoga Poses For Two People – these yoga poses are the best choice for friends and partners. These poses are not only deeply stretching, but also very entertaining. Yoga done alone is great way to achieve mindfulness. But many people get bored after a while. Practicing these Yoga Poses For Two People with someone else will inspire you to fall in love with yoga once again.

5 Yoga Poses For Two People

Forward bend lounge – the first person will sit on the ground. Extend your legs straight out in front of you. Now fold forward as far as possible until you reach a Seated Forward Bend. The second person starts this pose by gently siting on his/her partner’s base of spine. And then start to gently lie down your partner’s back. Do it gently because it is a very deeply stretching pose. You can choose to extend your legs and arms for a deeper stretch.

Flying bow pose – the first person starts this pose by lying on the ground. Now extend your legs towards the sky. The second person will sit with his/her hips on the soles of his/her partner. To maintain your balance, touch your ankles. The first person can help you by supporting your shoulders with his hands.

Yoga Poses For Two People

Two People Yoga – The Best Yoga Poses For Two People

Seated forward band – for this pose the second person will mirror the moves of the first one. Therefore, you start in a sitting position. Extend your legs, with the soles of your feet touching. Now bend over with your torso extended forward as much as possible. Instead of touching your toes, you can hold your hands.

Triple hill – you start this pose by staying face to face. This pose is also mirrored. Therefore, you both raise your hands overhead. Now touch your palms together. Then start to slowly walk backward until your foreheads are touching. Stretch your spines as much as possible. After a few breaths, move your gaze down. Until you touch your torso with your chin. It will result in a very deep stretch.

Boat pose – this pose also requires the same moves from both of you. Therefore, sit down face to face. There should be about 3 feet between you. Now hold your hands. And start to slowly raise your legs. Extend your legs until they are straight and the soles of your feet touch. This is a deeply stretching pose. It is easy an quick with great results.

Try these 5 Yoga Poses For Two People with your partner or friend. It will be a great way to enjoy some stretching, calming and healing poses. Enjoy!

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