Yoga Pose To Relieve Headaches

The Best Yoga Pose To Relieve Headaches

Yoga Pose To Relieve Headaches – Every yogi knows that yoga isn’t just a spiritual practice. Yoga is also a healing method. Each yoga pose or asanas has its own healing benefits. When you have a headache, the first thing that pops into your mind is taking a pain relieving pill. But yoga may be your ally in relieving headaches. It has no contraindications and it has numerous benefits for your body, mind and spirit. There is a very helpful Yoga Pose To Relieve Headaches that you should practice not only to heal your headache, but also to prevent it. This asana is Child’s Pose.

Yoga Pose To Relieve Headaches – Child’s Pose

Yoga Pose To Relieve Headaches

Child’s Pose – Balasana

This relaxing yoga pose has many benefits for your body. Therefore, it stretches your hips, thighs, ankles and spine. This pose also calms your nerves and brain. It relieves stress, anxiety and fatigue. Child’s pose also relieves back and neck pains. Which often result in headaches.

Being a resting pose, you can easily integrate Child’s pose into your yoga routine. Or you can try it when you have a really bad headache.

Yoga Pose To Relieve Headaches – Step by Step

You start this pose on all fours on your mat. Now touch your big toes together and slowly sit on your heels. Be sure to separate your knees as much as you can, to create space. Now, at an exhale, lay down your torso on the mat. Touch your forehead to the mat. An let it rest. Your hands can rest in two positions. Laying extended forward on the mat. Or you can bring them back and rest them beside your body. Almost until they touch your heels or feet. Rest in this pose and breath. You can stay in this pose as long as it feels good. Enjoy!

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