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Yo Yo Dieting

Yo Yo Dieting

Although it might hold to promise of weight loss, yo yo dieting might be more harmful than beneficial. Serious risk factors are associated with this dietary plan, such as an increased risk for heart diseases, cancer and diabetes, as well as less energy and muscle wasting.

So what is yo yo dieting?

This approach tackles the weight issue in an unique way. Yo yo dieting involves repeated loss and regain of body weight. But that could pose threats to your health. You could also gain more weight than you lose. And you could, as well, put yourself in the front line for serious diseases. Research has linked this type of dieting with certain health risks. In order to avoid them, recommended is that you lose weight in a healthy way. And maintain it by exercising regularly and eating healthier.

If you regain weight, will it be harder to lose it again?

Yo yo dieting would not necessarily affect your metabolic rate. So it really depends on how your body works. You might have difficulties in losing weight. Or you might have difficulties in gaininyo yo dietingg weight. Just keep in mind that, as you get older, you metabolism will slow down naturally. So you will have a little trouble in losing weight.

Yo Yo Dieting

Will your muscle and fat tissues be affected?

Although it doesn’t affect your muscles and fat tissues, the yo yo dieting stands somewhere at the middle. Because it may initially help you lose weight, but in the long term, it’s more likely that you will regain that fat and more. Plus, the low-calorie character of the diet will lead to muscle wasting. You fat will not be burnt efficiently, and your muscles won’t build either. That’s why exercise is recommended in any dietary plan: to burn fat and build muscle. You will consequently look better and more toned.

The yo yo dieting plan could pose serious threats to your health. Although staying overweight is harmful and dangerous, there is a variety of diets that will help you lose the weight you need to lose.

The rule of the thumb states that you burn more calories that you eat. So regular exercise, drinking plenty of water and balancing your diet will definitely help you in your weight loss efforts.

If you’re undecided, consult with a dietitian and you can come up with a good plan together.


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