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Yantra Meditation

Yantra Meditation

– Step by Step –

Yantra Meditation is a form of gazing meditation which uses sacred yantras as focus points. But what are the yantras? A yantra is a sacred diagram that is believed to have occult powers. These diagrams originate from the Hindu astrology and sacred Tantra texts. The word “yantra” has a Sanskrit origin and it means “instrument” or “apparatus”. It also has Rigvedic Sanskrit meaning as an instrument (“tra”) to fasten or support (“yan”).

Yantra MeditationYantras are representations of deities and each one of them has its purpose. You can use a yantra for meditation, for protection, for spiritual growth or psychic development, to attract wealth and many more. When you are using a sacred diagram in Yantra Meditation, then you have to choose the one associated with the deity that you want to connect to.

These sacred diagrams have specific properties. For example, every yantra has a central focal point, called “bindu”. They also contain triangles. If the triangle is pointed downward, it represents Shakti, the feminine aspect of the divine. But if the triangle is pointed upward, then it represents Shiva or the masculine aspect. Hexagrams are also very often used in yantras. They represent the union between two triangles. They are representations of the union between the feminine and masculine aspects of God.

These amazing symbols can also include lotus petals. They represent purity. A yantra can contain 2, 4, 8, 10, 12, 16, 24, 32, 100, 1000 or even more petals. The yantras also have to contain circles, outer squares, pentagrams and octagons. The circles represent manifestation. The square is a symbol for the earth and it four cardinals. Octagons are representation of the eight directions. Sacred diagrams created for Kali, also called Guhyakali yantras contain pentagrams. The number five is often associated with Kali.

Yantra Meditation – Step by step

Yantra Meditation is very easy to practice. You need a quiet place and a yantra. Be careful to choose the right yantra for your meditation. When you are ready, find a comfortable position. You have to stay with your spine straight and erected. Place the yantra in front of you. Concentrate on the focal point on the middle of the sacred diagram. Take long and deeps breaths. Relax your body. Focus on the diagram. Clear your mind of thoughts. Keep your focus on the symbol. If your eyes are feeling tired, you can close them. Continue to look at the diagram with your inner eye. This way you can easily boost your visualization power. Focus on the diagram and enjoy the silence of your mind. Find your inner peace.

It may be hard at first, but with practice, you can achieve a deep state of inner peace with Yantra Meditation. Enjoy!

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