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White Shea Butter

White Shea Butter

Whenever you need the full benefits of a product, you should opt for the unrefined version of it. This also applies when we are talking about Shea butter. This type of butter comes in two major version: yellow and white. Today we will talk about white Shea butter vs the yellow variety and which one is better. Therefore, without further ado, let us dive into this problem:

In order to understand this problem better, we have to find out how to make Shea butter. Shea butter comes from the nut of the Shea tree. Indigenous people pick the nuts, dry them and de-shell them, At the end of this process, they grind down the flesh and roast it. This is why certain Shea butters can have a smoky smell. Now, this is the moment when people either leave the butter as it is or further process it.

Unrefined Shea butter has a yellow color. Also, due to the fact that it was not processed, it can even contain some impurities. It can even have a strong odor. The white variety is refined, meaning that it has been filtered to remove the impurities. When it is heavily refined, then it has less moisturizing properties and it does not have any vitamins.

White Shea Butterwhite shea butter

The color of Shea butter can vary from white, to yellow to ivory and even to gray. This difference in color can also happen due to the region where the Shea nuts come from. Keep in mind that the color is not the sole indicator of the butter’s quality. However, you can let it guide you in your choosing of it. Unrefined butter is better for certain skin conditions. Moreover, it also has more healing properties.

White Shea butter is the refined variety. Probably more than once. The original version is yellow in color, or somewhere around that hue.  The smell of white Shea butter is also different, more floral and pleasant.

To sum up, both types of butter are good. However, when you need it for a serious skin problem, opt for the unrefined version. Otherwise, it is safe to use the white Shea butter. It smells more pleasant and it still has some of the many benefits of its raw version.

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