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What Is A Spiritual Experience?

What Is A Spiritual Experience?

What Is A Spiritual Experience? – There are many definitions for a spiritual experience. The most popular might be this one: a Spiritual Experience is a subjective experience caused by a divine force or agency. Therefore, a spiritual experience is an experience someone has within a religious or spiritual framework. And it defines the experiences that can be caused only by a divine source.

What Is A Spiritual Experience?

We also find it under a variety of names such as: religious experience, sacred experience mystical experience or divine experience. A Spiritual Experience can appear in 8 different forms according to Psychology Today. Although, these are all different, learning about them will show you the bigger picture. Therefore, at the end of this article you will be able to understand What Is A Spiritual Experience?

What Is A Spiritual Experience? – The 8 Major Types Of Spiritual Experiences

Awareness of synchronicity – numerous people sustain that they have had such experiences. It might me a repetitive number, a pattern and event or “coincidences” that they have been aware of. Many people also believe in the Angel Numbers. Which appear numerous times as an angelic message.

Awareness of a presence – many people report being aware of a spiritual presence near them. This presence can be a spiritual being, an angel or other spiritual creatures. This presence can also be good or evil. These experiences mostly take place at night or during an accident.

Spiritual Experience

Awareness of God – people have this religious experience more often than you might think. This sensation mostly appears when you are in a very peaceful and natural environment. But it might also appear when you are in a very difficult situation and you ask for God’s help. The Awareness of God mostly appears as a sense of safety, inner peace and being loved.

What Is A Spiritual Experience?

Awareness of Divine Response – this is also a very frequent spiritual experience. People say a prayer and ask for guidance. And their prayers are answered by God. This happens mostly to very religious people. Who calls upon God in difficult situations.

Awareness of nature – have you ever been in nature, just staying and being aware of your surroundings? If, you haven’t, then I recommend you to do it one day. Although, if you have, can you recall that peace you felt there? Nature is beautiful, it is full of life, colors, energy and sounds. Being aware of the holy origin of nature is another frequent experience among people all over the world.

Awareness of Oneness – another important experience. Although this mostly appears mostly when you are in “awareness” mode. When you look around and you see a sacred connection. You see that we are all one. We depend on each other and we have to help each other. In my opinion, this is the deepest and ultimate spiritual experience. Which often times lead to Spiritual Enlightenment or Spiritual Growth.

Spiritual Experience-1

Awareness of the Evil – this experience is highly popular. Numerous people all over the world report seeing the devil, demons or other evil presence. Kids are highly sensitive to these beings. Hence, the classical monster in the closet. This experience is traumatizing for many. And it is a wake up call for others. Either way, encountering an evil presence usually happens for a reason.

What Is A Spiritual Experience?

Awareness of the Afterlife – the last experience on this list is encountering ghosts, the spirit of deceased loved ones. This is a huge wake up call for many. They realize this way that this material life is only the tip of the iceberg. These encounters are often called paranormal. And they are very popular. You see it in movies, TV shows and even kids shows.

In conclusion, now you know What Is A Spiritual Experience? It is an experience caused by religious or divine forces or effects. Also, looking at this long list of types of religious experiences, you might already have yours. You might have sensed synchronicity in your life. Or you’ve felt a presence that you couldn’t explain. Either way, it is a sign. You start to be aware of the spiritual plan of our existence. You are ready to learn more about it. And to wake up from this material life.

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