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Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa Yoga has many definitions. The word “vinyasa” can be broken down to two Sanskrit words. “Vi” means “in a special way” and “nyasa” means “to place”. But the word vinyasa has many other definitions. Lori Gaspar gives four important definitions to Vinyasa Yoga. The first definition says that vinyasa is a way to link the poses with the breath. The second definition defines it as a sequence that helps us to transition between two different postures. A third definition says that Vinyasa Yoga is the process of setting an intention in your yoga routine and moving towards that goal. The last definition says that it is a type of yoga class.

Vinyasa Yoga

The most common definition of vinyasa is a sequence of movement that interlinks different asanas or postures in a continuous yoga flow. This continuous flow can be maintained in a yoga routine by using different Vinyasa Yoga postures. The most common vinyasa asanas are: plank pose, cobra pose and downward facing dog pose. Using these three poses you get a great vinyasa sequence which you can easily integrate into your yoga practice.

5 Vinyasa Yoga Benefits:

Better flexibility – the vinyasa poses require flexibility. These poses necessitate slow movements, slow breathing and deep stretching. Increasing your body’s flexibility.

Better blood flow – this yoga type focuses on breathing. You have to move with your breathing. Which each inhale, you provide your body with fresh oxygen. The slow but precise moves will also increase the blood flow in the muscles. Helping the oxygen molecules to reach every cell more quickly.

It promotes weight loss – the repeating poses and movements, as well as the deep stretches, help you to get rid of the excess weight from your body. Also, it is a great exercise for the whole body.

It prevents numerous illnesses – the deeply stretching poses and movements prevent serious health conditions such as heart disease, arthritis, stiff joints and even obesity.

Better mental focus – in this type of yoga, you have to focus on your breath. Also you have to move with your breath. Allowing your mind to improve its ability to focus. Meanwhile bringing mental clarity and improving mental health.

Now that you know 5 important benefits of yoga practice, let’s see a few poses that will allow you to stretch and strengthen your whole body.

3 Powerful Vinyasa Yoga Poses:

Plank pose – You start this pose by staying on your hands and knees. Now spread your fingers and press towards the earth. Step back with your feet. Be careful, press and don’t let your chest to collapse. You can hold this pose up to five breaths. This is a great pose for toning the core muscles. It tones your abdomen, chest and even your lower back. Plank pose is also great for strengthening your arms and shoulders.


Cobra Pose – Begin this pose lying on your stomach with the toes flat on the mat. You feet must be close with your feet and heels touching. Now place your palms under your shoulders. Breath in. Press into the floor and lift up your head, chest and then your abdomen. Be careful to press equally in both of your palms and to keep your shoulders away from your ears. Stretch as much as you can and it feels good. Now breath out as you lower your chest back to the mat. This pose is beneficial for your abdomen, shoulders, chest and upper back.

Cobra-pose-vinyasa yoga


Downward facing dog – Start this pose in all fours. Spread your fingers, with your middle finger pointing forward. Press into the floor firmly. Now tuck your toes under and, as you breath out, lift your hips. Press your hips away from the floor until your legs are straight. This pose is a resting one so you can hold it up to even 100 breaths. Downward facing dog position is great to stretch your shoulders, arches, hands, calves and spine. This pose is also great in healing headaches, fatigue, insomnia and even depression. Being one of the moves on my Yoga For Migraines list.


These amazing Vinyasa Yoga poses can help you anytime you are stuck and have no idea how to transition prom a posture to another. These poses have great benefits for your body and yoga practice. Enjoy!

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