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Veuliah Angel of Prosperity

Veuliah Angel of Prosperity

Veuliah Angel of Prosperity is the 43rd name of God. The Bible scripture according to the name is: “But unto thee have I cried, O Lord, and in the morning shall my prayer prevent thee”. Firstly, the meaning of the name Veuliah is God The King And Ruler (Deus Rex Dominator). Also, he is one of the Melachims (Jewish) and Powers (Christian).

Veuliah Angel of Prosperity

Veuliah Angel of Prosperity

Veuliah is the angel of prosperity, wealth and abundance. He can bring us joy and enrich our consciousness. Veuliah Angel of Prosperity fills us with abundance of noble feelings. Pray for the guidance of Veuliah when you want to overcome your inner and outer enemies. He has the power to help others in finding peace and completeness. He can make everything fructify and bring you joy. Veuliah can open our mind to liberate us from bad and destructive habits. He gives unconditionally to those who pray for his help.

Veuliah fights against materialistic philosophy. Pray for his guidance when you are surrounded by discord, poverty and insecurity. Veuliah fights against the waste of money and energy. He can stop you from the searching for an artificial paradise. If you face theft, greed, existential struggle and abuse of power he can guide you out of all these issues. Veuliah remedy war, division, revolution and destruction. He can erase all your worries about the future.

Guardian Angel

Veuliah Angel of Prosperity is the protector of those who were born between October 24 and October 28. Those who were born in this period have a healthy behavior. They are famous and respected for their work. They are full of ideas and strategies. And they love to use them to improve their work. Those who were born under the influence of Veuliah are cautious. They try to avoid any obstacle. Therefore, they are careful before taking any decision in a certain situation. They accumulate a huge amount of knowledge throughout their life. But they will be respected for their noble, honest and unselfish character. They are people with great humor, always optimistic. Also, they have no time and energy to waste for inner conflicts.

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