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Trataka Meditation

Trataka Meditation

– Step by Step –

Trataka Meditation is also called Gazing Meditation. It is a meditation method that uses an object as a focal point. This meditation method was developed for the third eye chakra. You can choose any object to focus on. The most popular object used by practitioners is candle flame. But you can use any other Meditation Tools such as a dot, a small object or a symbol. Tratak Meditation controls the ciliary reflex or also known as the blink reflex. Which stimulates the pineal gland or the third eye chakra.

Trataka MeditationTrataka Meditation – Step by step

For the start, you have to sit in a comfortable position. Place the object of choice in front of you. Now concentrate your gaze on the object. Breath slowly and deeply. Relax your body. Focus on the object, which will be the candle light, for example. Focus on the moves the flame has. See its colors and intensity of the light. When you feel that your whole body is relaxed, you can close your eyes. This way you also stimulate your visualization power. At this stage, the candle flame will move from your physical eyes to your mind’s eyes. Keep focusing on it as long as you want.

Trataka Meditation is an easy meditation method. It is recommended to anyone, either beginners and advanced ones. It can practiced anytime and anywhere. If you are at work, really stressed, take a 5 minutes break. Find a quiet place and choose an object to focus on. It can be an image, a picture, a plant, anything. It is the best way to deal with stress and restore your inner peace.

Trataka Meditation has two forms of practice. I have described both of them above. I started with the external trataka, which is focusing with your physical eyes on an object. It is called “bahiranga”. Then you can finish your meditation session with “antaranga”. This is the internal trataka. It uses the mind’s eyes to visualize the object that you are focusing on.

Any method you choose, you have to keep in mind that it is one of the easiest meditation methods. But it is very powerful. Use it o quiet your mind and find a deep inner peace. Enjoy!

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