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Toxic Food Items Imported From China

Toxic Food Items Imported From China

China imports very many things to other countries, from electronics to beauty products. However, their food items have been in the spotlight recently, and for the bad reasons. Health experts started to teach people about the dangers that certain imported foods can pose. These foods are loaded with chemicals that can negatively impact your health. Here is what they are:

Toxic Food Items Imported From Chinatoxic food items

Soy sauce. Several news reports alerted people about soy sauces made from actual human hair. Using chemical amino acid extraction, some ingredients from the soy sauce are generated from human hair. Even in China, the government banned these sauces due to their side effects. You can experience dizziness, diarrhea and even abdominal pain from them.

Cabbage. Many producers of vegetables from China spray these vegetables with a formaldehyde solution. This keeps them fresh for the duration of their transport to other countries. This also lowers the production costs for the farmers but it increases the health risks for us.

Industrial salt. From 90 million tons of salt that China produces, over 91% of that quantity contains heavy metals. Industrial salt is not for regular day to day consumption but some of it still finds its way onto your table. Over time, the buildup from the substances can affect your thyroid gland.

Toxic Food Items Imported From China

Tofu. If you rely on tofu to get your daily dose of protein, be careful! This is one of the food items that have not been safe lately. Combining sewage, iron and slop, manufacturers improved the appearance of the product. Some combine soy proteins with flour, pigment and ice. Read the label carefully when purchasing this item.

Apple juice. If the juice that you bought is cheap and has a weak, chemical taste, it most probably is from China. Some of these juices contain traces of arsenic and can cause serious side-effects. Imported juices from China make 2/3 of America’s juice supply.

All in all, pay extra attention when purchasing these food items. Always read the label before putting something into your shopping basket and keep yourself safe. Nowadays, not even natural products are as healthy as they should be.

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