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Tips for a Low Carb Diet

Tips for a Low Carb Diet

First of all, a low carb diet requires some rules. And while they might not be complicated, they sometimes get overlooked. Regardless if you’re on a low carb diet or not, these tips could prove to be useful. They will limit the consumption of harmful ingredients and help you make healthier choices.

Here are some tips for a low carb diet:

Choose unprocessed meats without sodium nitrite. Almost all processed meats contain sodium nitrite. Your favorite sausage, pepperoni or bacon, they all have it. This substance has been linked to gastrointestinal health problems and even cancer occurrence.

Choose organic dairy. To avoid exposure to bovine growth hormone, choose dairy products that are organic. The chances of getting exposed to a number of health problems will be slimmer.

Consider fermented foods. Almost all fermented foods contain benlow carbeficial probiotic bacteria. Fermented radishes, cucumbers or onions are all healthy choices. So, you can eat them as such, or add them to your salads or sauces.

Don’t limit salt. Although a high sodium intake can have harmful effects, potassium-rich foods are good for you. Vegetables, avocados or coconut all contain healthy amounts of potassium.

Low Carb Diet

Use safe sweeteners. Sugar substitutes have become more and more popular. Any health article you might stumble upon will tell you that sugar is bad. Healthier alternatives like stevia, monk fruit, or xylitol are good for you.

Choose organic vegetables and fruits. If possible, make them your first choice. Many of the vegetables and fruits on the market are sprayed with pesticides and injected with harmful ingredients. That’s why it would be best if you considered checking your sources more careful.

Avoid carbonated beverages. Carbonated beverages are harmful for your overall health. From your teeth and throat, to your stomach and other organs, they kind of wreak havoc. Opt for more healthier choices like water infused with fruits or vegetables, tea or milk.

Avoid hydrogenated fats. Hydrogenated fats are a big no in low carb diets. Usually found in processed and fast food, they increase the risk of heart diseases, hypertension and diabetes. Avoid especially margarine, sandwich spreads and fast food products.

Minimize exposure to high-temperature cooking. When cooked at high temperature, certain processes are triggered. Consequently harmful toxins are released. All these chemical reactions contribute to hypertension, heart diseases, and even cancer. In consequence, try grilling and boiling your food, or cook it in the oven.

These are just some useful tips for a low carb diet. If you limit your salt and sugar intake you will already have made the first step. Gradually remove processed and fast foods and avoid trans fats.

All in all, any diet that you might follow will teach you to make healthier choices and rewire your mind and body. Thus, you will gradually feel better and you won’t want to go back to old practices.


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