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The Number of Calories in Garlic

The Number of Calories in Garlic

Garlic is an amazing food that has a unique and wonderful taste. When added to your dishes, it can improve their taste considerably. However, this is an ingredient that you either love or you hate. No in between. However, if you are on a diet or simply want to eat healthier, then you might be wary. If you were wondering about the calories in garlic, then we are here for you. Find out the exact number and learn how to better prepare garlic.

A garlic clove has somewhere around 4 grams, and it does not have much nutritional value. You can almost say it does not have any. You also probably will not eat a lot of garlic with your meals. This is why it will not make much of a difference in your food intake. You won’t be able to tell, no matter how much you eat. However, that should not stop you from using it in your cooking. On the contrary.

Garlic has lots of health benefits that you need when you want to stay healthy and mind your diet. Because it has a strong flavor, a little goes a long way. Use it to improve your dishes without adding extra calories to them. If you want to cut back on sodium, garlic can make a good replacement for salt.

Calories in Garliccalories in garlic

People have been using garlic for thousands of years to cure various illnesses. In fact, there are even biblical references to garlic. If we are to listen to some historical sources, Olympic athletes used garlic to enhance their performance. Therefore, if it was good enough for them, it is good enough for you. You will be surprised at the benefits of garlic and what it can do for you. This is something more than just a vampire repellant.

All in all, do not worry about the calories in garlic and start adding it to your diet. Your dishes will improve considerably and you also get many health benefits.


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