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The Ketogenic Diet

The Ketogenic Diet

A highly restrictive dietary plan, the ketogenic diet is very low in carbohydrates, moderate in protein and high in fat. Although it’s a somewhat risky diet, it has proven effects in cases of epilepsy, where it reduces the frequency and intensity of the seizures. But its safety has been long questioned. On the long term, the ketogenic diet could bring more harm than good, so it is recommended to approach it with caution and under strict supervision.

How does the ketogenic diet work?

A low carbohydrate diet will impact the way your body and central nervous system works. By restricting the carbohydrates intake, your body will need to make the necessary adjustments to compensate for their loss. So it’ll break down fat and rearrange it into carbohydrate-like compounds. In turn, your central nervous system will make use of them. It inhibits fat storage and speeds up the fat break down, so it could be beneficial for weight loss.

Side effects

This dietary approach presents both short terms and long term side effects that might vary in terms of intensity. Short term effects include headaches, dehydration and even gastrointestinal discomfort. On the other hand, long term side effects have a more severe character. Side effects include renal stones, iron deficiency and even higher risk for infectious diseases.

Weight loss effectsketogenic-diet

Studies have shown that a ketogenic diet induces successful weight loss. This comes as a response of the reduced insulin levels and increased fat break down. But weight loss usually occurs as a result of a low calorie diet that offer high satiety.

The Ketogenic Diet

Epilepsy connection

Studies have shown that this dietary approach decrease the frequency and intensity of epilepsy seizures. Doctors used this method of treatment for children with epilepsy. When glucose is replaced with fatty acids and ketone bodies, which in turn leads to a reduction of epileptic seizures.

Before starting a ketogenic diet, it would be best if you consulted your doctor. He will explain exactly what this dietary plan entails and will inform you of the short term and long term effects on your health. This diet is particularly challenging and could pose danger to your health if you don’t understand all its implications.


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