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Best Substitute for Marjoram

Best Substitute for Marjoram

Do you need marjoram for your recipe but don’t have it in your spice rack? Marjoram is a herb that people in the Middle Eastern and Mediterranean areas use in their cooking. It goes really well with meat and stews. If you need a substitute for marjoram, then here are some options that you can try:

Oregano. This is probably the best substitute for marjoram that you can find. This is probably because it is related to marjoram and has a similar flavor profile. If you need fresh marjoram, substitute it with fresh oregano. Likewise, if you need it dry, make the swap for dry oregano. Take note that you need to use less oregano than you would marjoram.

Best Substitute for Marjoram

substitute for marjoram

Thyme. This is a second and decent choice. Thyme is another traditional herb from Europe, especially in the Mediterranean area. Thyme is a part of the mint family, and you can use it both fresh and dry. It’s just as versatile as marjoram and it has a pleasant and mild flavor. Pick your thyme carefully, because there are over a hundred types of it. When you need are the French or English varieties.

Sage. When you are in a pinch, sage works just as well. This is one of the main ingredients that people use in the stuffing during Thanksgiving. Just like all the other herbs mentioned above, sage is part of the mint family. Therefore, it can also make a great substitute for marjoram. Use the same amount of it that you would marjoram.

When you need to substitute something in a recipe, add in a bit of the new ingredient and taste as you go. Try to see how the new addition changes the flavor of the dish. You may even discover a new variation that is better than the original. However, if you know that you are serving someone that is familiar with the original taste, try to be careful. They might not appreciate you changing the recipe. When you aim for a regional specialty, do stick to the original recipe.

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