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Stop Drinking Carbonated Drinks

Stop Drinking Carbonated Drinks

Addiction to carbonated drinks have significantly increased over the years. Becoming a serious global addiction, these carbonated drinks have a negative effect on your overall health.

Although you might dismiss it, or turn to diet soda, the negative impact is still there. Sugar and artificial sweeteners are directly linked to high blood pressure, diabetes, weight gain, and even cancer.

Here’s what happens to your body when you stop drinking carbonated drinks:

You begin to lose weight. Consumed regularly, these sugary drinks cause your body to store them as fat. Reducing and eventually removing them altogether will improve the function of your hypothalamus. In turn, this gland will reduce its activity and stop secreting unnecessary hunger hormones.

Your blood pressure drops. One of the primary causes of heart diseases, high blood pressure gradually affects your heart up to the point where you experience heart attacks or heart failure. By stopping drinking carbonated drinks not only will you experience a significant blood pressure drop, but you will also improve your heart health. You arteries won’t be clogged anymore, thus decreasing the risk of cardiac arrest.

You lower your risk of diabetes. With high amounts of sugar, sodas favor the occurrence of diabetes. Uncontrolled weight gain, as well as spikes in carbonated-drinksblood sugar levels oftentimes lead to type 2 diabetes. So reducing the intake not only will take care of the excess weight, but it’ll also decrease the risk of diabetes.

Carbonated Drinks

You strengthen your bones. Your bones strength is directly linked to the amount of minerals you have in your body. What soda does is it strips your bones of the essential minerals and vitamins. Long-term excessive consumption increases the risk of breakage, fracture and weakening of the bones.

Your uric acid level decreases. A chemical related to digestion, high uric acid levels increase the risk of gout. Studies have shown that unhealthy levels of uric acid increase the risk in women and children.

Your kidneys function better. Without the unnecessary flood of chemicals and toxins, your kidneys will return to their natural state. Regular consumption of carbonated drinks increase the risk of developing kidney stones. It also damages and inhibits their function. Eliminating soda from your diet will protect your kidneys and improve their functions.

These are just some of the positive improvements when you stop drinking carbonated drinks. With negative effects on all the organs of your body, regular consumption of soda can seriously wreak havoc. Limit the consumption to just once a month and switch to healthier alternatives. Drink coffee, tea and infused water.

You will observe a general improvement of your health, alongside weight loss and clearer skin.


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