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Spiritual Workout

Spiritual Workout

Spiritual Workout – a human beings needs more than physical workout to have a healthy lifestyle. You spiritual health is equally as important as the physical, mental or emotional health. Therefore, each individual should work on their spiritual health. Spiritual Workout is important for a harmonious balance between your body, mind and spirit. This balance being that main target of Spiritual Workout exercise.

What is Spiritual Workout?

Spiritual Workout

Spiritual Workout is a spiritual exercise practiced to achieve spiritual growth, spiritual awareness and a better spiritual health. These practices were also developed to bring inner peace and enlightenment in certain cultures.

Working out spiritually is not foreign for any religious philosophy. Every religion has its way of working on their spiritual growth. For example, in Hinduism, they practice yoga and meditation. In Buddhism, they practice meditation. Also, in Christianity, they pray and contemplate. Therefore, Spiritual Workout comes in many forms. But, regardless the culture or religion, it has the same goal. To re-establish and maintain your spiritual health. Each one of the following exercises will bring you Spiritual Experience (see What Is A Spiritual Experience).

5 Useful Spiritual Exercises:

Yoga – it is one of the most popular spiritual practices. And it started to spread all over the western world in the last decade. Many people practice it for inner peace and to crate a balance between the body, mind and spirit. But many people practice yoga only as a workout. Although, it was developed to bring spiritual awareness and union between the body, mind and spirit. In this cathegory is also included Nude Yoga, which has numerous benefits for your body.

Prayer – it is a very important spiritual practice, not only to Christians, but to most of the religions. There is no better method to grow spiritually, but to establish a connection with God. This exercise has nothing to do with your physical health. But it has a great impact upon your spiritual health.

Meditation – it is anther spiritual practice, that doesn’t have much impact upon your physical health. Other than the breathing exercise, that has many physical benefits. Meditation is practiced worldwide for its numerous benefits for your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. It was developed to reach inner peace and enlightenment. Meditation helps you to discover your inner self or spirit.

Spiritual Workout

Religious Gyms – there are certain gyms all over the world that combine fitness and weights with worship. This combination assures a grow not only in your muscles, but also in your spiritual body.

Walks in nature – yes, I had to mention this one too. Because it is deeply effective. Walking or hiking in nature requires not only physical effort, but it also helps you to find inner peace. Nature is the best place to contemplate on your spirituality. It keeps you in a good shape, and fills you with happiness, joy and harmony.

In conclusion, Spiritual Workout is a very important practice for every human being. If you are new to this aspect, then start working on it. Also, if you established a spiritual routine, then continue to maintain it. Because it will have only benefits for you.

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