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Spiritual Growth Plan

How To Make A Spiritual Growth Plan ?

Spiritual Growth Plan – Growing Spiritually is the best way to reach spiritual awakening or enlightenment. But it is not an easy process. Every person has his own special path toward spiritual awakening. Therefore, the Spiritual Growth Plan that you choose to follow, should be personalized. It should contain the spiritual works that make you happy and joyful on your path. They should help you believe and have faith in God.

What Should A Spiritual Growth Plan Contain?

Spiritual Growth Plan

Praying – prayer is the best way to connect to God. He is the main source of spiritual wisdom. Pray daily, not only to ask for guidance, but also to ask for wisdom. The prayers you say should contain how grateful you are for everything God blessed you with.

Reading The Bible – this sacred scripture contains wisdom. The Bible is the best source of knowledge. It contains answers to your questions. Also, you can find the life of Jesus in The Bible. Which should be an example for you. Because Jesus is the path to The Kingdom of Heaven. Read The Bible daily and contemplate on the verses. Try to understand them.

Contemplating – prayer is not the only way of asking for guidance. When you have doubts or question, contemplation can bring you the right answers. Contemplation is easy, it is a meditation method. You focus your attention on God. And you try to understand God and his power.

Spiritual Growth Plan

Commitment – if you want results, you really have learn discipline and commit as many time as you can to grow spiritually. Spiritual Growth doesn’t happen quickly. It is a life-long path. And it never stops. Every experience, every prayer and every Bible verse brings you new wisdom.

Faith – No spiritual growth takes place without faith. You have to believe in the power of God. Believe in his love for you. Your faith in God will bring you patience, hope and joy on your path.

Compassion – a very important thing in growing spiritually is helping others. Compassion and kindness is important. Look at the others as your brothers and sisters. They are equal to you. And they are as important to God, as you are. Help those in need. And show them the love of God.

Attending groups – every Spiritual Growth Plan should contain the visit to groups of people who are on the same path as you. There you can discuss different doubts and questions that you can’t answer alone. Also, you can discuss with those who went further on their path then you. They can help you with tips and new knowledge.

In conclusion, your Spiritual Growth Plan should contain these actions. But not strictly in this order. Analyze yourself and discover your spiritual needs and emotions. Let them lead you on this holy path.

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