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Spiritual Blindness

Spiritual Blindness

Spiritual Blindness – Every Christian believes in God and Jesus Christ. Those who do not believe, are non-Christians. This important to understand the concept of Spiritual Blindness. It is a very important problem of today’s society. If every people would heal it, there would not be wars, hatred, hunger and crimes. If there would be zero spiritually blind people on earth tomorrow, the world would become the new Heaven. There would be only compassion, love and kindness in each of our hearts. But let’s see why is a spiritually blind person such a big negative influence.

What is Spiritual Blindness?

Spiritual Blindness

Spiritual Blindness is a condition when you don’t see God or Jesus Christ. I am not talking here about seeing with your physical eyes. But to recognize them or see them with our heart. And to see them as our creator, Holy Father and Son. This blindness is not having God and Christ in our hearts.

Being blind spiritually also stops you from having spiritual experiences (see What Is A Spiritual Experience).

The Spiritually Blind person is someone who don’t see Christ, God and His Word. This person rejects to believe in God. And he rejects The Bible and its teachings.

Why should we heal a spiritually blind person?

Not having Christ and God in our hearts have serious consequences such as:

  • no access to The Divine Wisdom
  • rejection of God’s Mercy
  • refusal of Jesus Christ and His teachings about the importance of Love
  • unbelief, which is one of the ultimate sins
  • not having Christ in our hearts denies our access into The Kingdom of Heaven
  • the absence of divine love creates hatred in our hearts
  • denying God cuts our connection to His blessings.

How to heal Spiritual Blindness?

There is only one cure, and it is letting God and Jesus Christ into our hearts. You have to obtain Spiritual Growth and to read The Bible. Therefore, God and Jesus Christ are the only way. Beside reading God’s Words, you also have to establish a connection with Him. This connection is established and maintained by praying daily. In other words, the Spiritual Gift Of Faith can be a good ally in your healing.

Also, find people who already found God and ask for advice in deepening your faith in God. Therefore, the deeper your faith is, the more your Spiritual Blindness is gone. Work on your faith, gratitude and love for God and Jesus Christ.

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