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Spiritual Advisor

Spiritual Advisor

Spiritual Advisor – Every people on earth goes through good and bad periods. When you are facing difficulties or moments of doubt you have a few options. You can talk to a friend, relative or parent for advice. Also, you can find a psychologist or life coach. Which will listen to you and offer your some advice to turn your life around. But if you are deeply spiritual person, then you have another option. You can find a Spiritual Advisor.

Spiritual Advisor – Definition

Spiritual Advisor

The Spiritual Advisor is a person who who acts like a spiritual mentor. He listens to your problems and question. And he offers you spiritual guidance. From this definition, you might get the idea that a spiritual mentor is like a psychologist. But you should know that psychologists look at your problems from a purely psychological or scientific perspective. They see your problems as mental conditions. And you usually end up with a huge prescription, instead of actual healing.

On the other hand, the Spiritual Adviser will listen patiently, analyze your situation from a spiritual perspective and offer you guidance to pass through your difficulties.

Spiritual Advisor – How Can He Help You?

Your spiritual adviser should be a spiritual person, a religious leader or priest. Therefore, if you are Christian, you will find a good spiritual adviser in your priest, preacher or pastor. He will help you to find hope, faith and love in The Bible. They will guide you to certain bible verses that will help you to get through your difficulties with the help of God.

On the other hand, if you are more of a New Age esoteric fan, then you can find guidance at a spiritual leader, psychic, gifted person, shaman or other adviser.

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The goal is the same, to find your path toward hope, love and light through spiritual growth. To release all the stress, all your fears and worries. And to find inner peace. This can’t be done with medication. Only through spiritual work. Therefore, find a good advisor and start to work on your spirituality. And work for Spiritual Growth, Spiritual Enlightenment and be more spiritually aware of the beauty and love around you. Your life will be more positive. And you will be more balanced and in a good mood.

In conclusion, having a Spiritual Advisor that you can contact when you need guidance is important. Everyone should have a spiritual adviser, just like everyone has a physician or dentist. Your spiritual health is important. And you have to pay attention to it. Therefore, as you keep your physical body healthy, you should also take care of your spiritual health.

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