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Slippery Elm for Hair

Slippery Elm for Hair

Slippery Elm has been used for thousands of years in North America due to its amazing skin and hair benefits. This plant grows in the Appalachian Mountains and in other areas in Central and Eastern US as well as in Canada. Even the bark of this tree is extremely valuable in medicine because it can treat many superficial problems. The powdered form of this bark transforms into a gel when you mix it with water. This is where it gets the name. Now, let us see the benefits of slippery elm for hair!

Promotes healthy hair. Slippery elm has a high content of procyanidins. Your hair uses them to strengthen itself and improve its texture. By using a slippery elm hair treatment you can prevent hair fall and improve the condition of your hair. This applies to hair that was damaged due to dying or constant styling.

slippery elm for hairHeals damaged hair. As mentioned above, you can use slippery elm for hair repair. Due to its slimy nature, it works great as a conditioner. It even detangles the hair! After you use it your hair will be smooth and soft, as if you just used a conditioner. There are some hair care products with slippery elm on the market. Those are usually aimed at people with dry and damaged hair.

Slippery Elm

Aids hair growth. It contains a substance that imparts hair strength and resilience. Thus, it makes it stronger and protects it against harmful agents. It can even fight baldness and prevent hair fall.

Heals split ends. How many of us do not struggle with split ends? They are unpleasant and hard to treat unless we cut them off. To save your hair, try slippery elm. Its slimy texture smooths down hair and prevents it from splitting further.

In conclusion, slippery elm for hair is one of the remedies that you can try when you want healthier hair. It is quite an unique treatment but it will surprise you with how well it works.

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