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Sleep Improving Crystals

3 Crystals You Need For Sweet Dreams

– 3 Sleep Improving Crystals –

Nowadays we are bombed constantly with good and bad energy. Having a good night sleep became something almost impossible to achieve. But there are Sleep Improving Crystals that can help you to have a relaxing sleep, without nightmares. Using these Sleep Improving Crystals will help you to have sweet dreams all night and wake up relaxed and with fully charged batteries.

Sleep Improving Crystals3 Sleep Improving Crystals

Sodalite – This beautiful blue stone, also known as the crystal of Truth brings us closer to our ideals. It inspires us to be true to ourselves and others. This lovely stone can heal emotional problems such as anxiety or panic attacks. Sodalite Crystals bring balance into our emotions. When our emotions are in harmony, the nightmares will be gone. This powerful crystal can clean us from fears and worries that could keep us awake all night. Sodalite represents a great metabolism and immune system booster.

Amethyst – This lovely purple crystal contains healing and protecting energy. It was used for protection by our ancestors for thousands of years. But it also very often has been used for healing. Most of the healers always wear an Amethyst crystal to increase their healing power. And also to protect themselves from negative energy. Amethyst, often referred to as the Dream Stone heals sleep related problems. It can heal insomnia and improve our sleep. This amazing quartz crystal became very useful in healing illnesses related to breathing and blood pressure.

Smoky Quartz – This amazing protecting crystal is famous for its grounding properties. It can transform the negative energy surrounding it. This powerful crystal absorbs any negative energy and grounds it into the earth. This way it will be transformed into positive energy. Smoky quartz transforms your nightmares or negative dreams. It can clean your mind of negative thoughts and emotions. This way, you will have a relaxing sleep. Smoky quart can bring you sweet dreams and protect you from nightmares.

Sleep Improving Crystals

These are the best 3 Sleep Improving Crystals that you should keep close when you are going to bed. Different places  to put your crystals in your bedroom seem practical and useful. You can place your Sleep Improving Crystals under your pillow, under the mattress or on your nightstand. The most important thing to remeber is to keep them close. But you can use them as jewelry and wear them as often as you can. Not only when you sleep. These crystals have many other healing properties that you may need throughout your day. Enjoy!

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