Signs Of Spiritual Awakening

Signs Of Spiritual Awakening

The Signs Of Spiritual Awakening are different symptoms you may feel when your spirit is starting to waken and open your upper chakras. Spiritual Awakening is the process of spiritual awareness, when you start to realize that life is more than you see with your eyes. The spiritual world is around us, surrounding the material world. We are not only a body that will die. There are many Signs Of Spiritual Awakening that you may feel while doing a spiritual practice or work. I will present you some of these.

Signs Of Spiritual Awakening

Signs Of Spiritual Awakening

You may see vivid dreams – You could experience dreams that seem more real than they really are. Or you might also experience lucid dreams, when your consciousness wakes up while you are still dreaming. This allows you to control your dream.

The second sign on the Signs Of Spiritual Awakening list is the desire to break free from habits that are full of restrictions. You start to feel what is toxic for you and you try to avoid those. It could be your work place, friends, places or even family members.

You are meeting spiritual masters “out of nowhere”. This is a sign that you have to start a spiritual practice and help your spirit to awaken. You meet those people for a reason.

Increased intuition is the third on the Signs Of Spiritual Awakening list. You might think of someone and immediately meet them or hear from them. Experiencing it once is interesting, but more times is already a sign.

Waking up at 3am is another symptom of Spiritual Awakening or Spiritual Awareness. Therefore, waking up regularly at this hour, without an alarm clock is important. Because it is the period of the day when the portals between the physical and spiritual world are weaker.

Having moments of joy and peace. You can get these moments while practicing a spiritual work or out of nowhere. The feeling that you are not alone and there is harmony in your life.

Signs Of Spiritual Awakening

Communication with spirits and celestial beings. You might be contacted by your spirit guide or your guardian angel. They could talk to you and let you know that they are close to you.

Changes in your daily habits is another of the Signs Of Spiritual Awakening. You may feel to have a new favorite food that you hated until then. Or you could change your sleeping habits. You may feel more full of energy and start a sport. Or you may feel tired and never visit the gym again.

You could feel an amplification of your senses. Your sight could improve, you may see auras or shiny objects and particles. Or you could hear better and even hear spirits or angels talking to you. You may feel the smell of parfume out of nowhere, etc.

You feel sudden changes in your mood. Also, you feel like crying without a reason. You may also have an episode of laughing without the ability to stop, for minutes. Or you could feel suddenly angry.

You might feel activity at your crown chakra. You may feel a vibration, move of energy, tingling or itching on the top of your head.

There are many other Signs Of Spiritual Awakening like earning or losing weight, skin problems, sense of intense energy, heat waves, headaches, neck pain, looking younger, mental confusion, episodes of creativity, etc. There are so many and they are different for every one of us. The Signs Of Spiritual Awakening variate. You may feel only a few of these symptoms, others may feel more or all of them. In any case, you have to start a spiritual practice to help you spirit to awaken and have a life full of peace and harmony.

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