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Signs of Poor Blood Circulation

Signs of Poor Blood Circulation

Good blood circulation is crucial for your health. Through blood flow, all the nutrients and vitamins necessary are transported to your vital organs. Poor blood circulation, however, affects not only your circulatory system, but it leads to serious health issues. From damage to your heart and brain, to your liver and kidneys, all organs are affected.

If you are aware of any genetic markers that might trigger poor blood circulation, or are currently living an unhealthy life, you need to make some changes. The sooner, the better.

Here are some of signs of poor blood circulation:

There is swelling of the lower extremities. Even though you might be suffering from mild swelling, this could be a warning sign. Poor blood circulation obstructs the blood flow to your kidneys an causes your feet to swell. Consequently, a sedentary life, sitting in one position for long periods of time or obesity can all contribute to this.

You have cold hands and feet. If and when your blood flow is interrupted, your body will have a hard time in regulating temperature. This results in cold hands and feet. Reduced levpoor-blood-circulationels of oxygen to your body’s cells can cause, in the long term, damages.

You are constantly tired and fatigued. A constant feeling of fatigue and tiredness can develop because of an inadequate blood supply. If your organs don’t get enough oxygen, they will struggle to perform their duties.

Poor Blood Circulation

You have a weak immune system. If you often get sick and your cuts and wounds take longer to heal, your immune system might not work properly. Poor blood circulation hinder the vitamins and minerals that contribute to a good health of your immune system. Consequently, it is harder for it to detect and fight off viruses and bacteria.

You experience tightness or heaviness in the chest. If your blood doesn’t flow unobstructed, your heart is the first in line to get affected. Tightness or heaviness in the chest point to an inadequate blood flow. The bad thing about it is that the feelings will come and go randomly. Sometimes, they are accompanied by chest pains, heartburn or acidity.

Overall, these are just some of the symptoms of poor blood circulation. If, at any point, detect one or more symptoms, consult your doctor right away. This measure will ensure that you will eliminate any potentially life-threatening problems. You should also consider making lifestyle changes, if necessary. Have a balanced diet, drink plenty of water, exercise regularly and remove the stressful factors in your life.


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