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Shea Butter Allergy Concerns

Shea Butter Allergy Concerns

There are many potential food allergens that hide in unexpected places. Any old versed allergic person can back me up on this. If you are also one of the persons that have an allergy, you need to be extra careful. Especially if you have a nut allergy. Nowadays, a lot of nut ingredients can be found as an ingredient in many beauty products. Shea butter is one of them. Many people with nut allergies are reluctant to use it for fear of a Shea butter allergy. Let us find out more about this issue.

We will start with some basic understanding of biology. If you have an allergy towards a substance, then it’s because your immune system identified it as a threat. Therefore, it begins producing immunoglobin in an attempt to fight the invader. You can also experience a cross allergic reaction. This happens when your body recognizes a similar substance in a product as an allergen. Therefore, if you are allergic to a type of nut, you can have an allergic reaction to another type too.

Shea Butter Allergy Concerns

Shea Butter Allergy ConcernsShould you worry about a Shea butter allergy? Probably not. The butter that you find in food and beauty products is heavily refined. Unlike almond or cashew butter, which are protein rich purees of those respective nuts, Shea butter lacks them. All of those are extracted during the refining process, unless specified. Studies identified extremely small amounts of proteins in Shea butter, which have no allergy potential.

However, while research says it is extremely unlikely, there is still a possibility. Some Shea butter allergies can cause severe reactions. People that have an allergy to peanut butter also react when they apply it to the skin. The same could happen with Shea butter too. If you search on the internet you will find many anecdotal responses. You can find self-reported reactions to Shea butter online, though the causes to those particular cases are not known.

This is why it is important to talk to an allergist if you have concerns regarding a Shea butter allergy. They will conduct tests and tell you for sure if you should worry or not.

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