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Sending Distant Reiki

Sending Distant Reiki

Every Reiki practitioner knows that the universal healing love can be sent in distance also, not only by touching the aura of the patient. But as a patient, not everybody knows this fact. There are different methods of Sending Distant Reiki. They can help you to intensify the amount of reiki that you are sending and they can also ease the process of Sending Distant Reiki.

Sending Distant Reiki5 Awesome Methods of Sending Distant Reiki:

Use a picture – Sometimes it is very hard to concentrate upon the person that you are sending the healing energy to. Using a picture of the patient can make the whole process easier. It is also very helpful when you are sending Reiki into your or your patients past.

Use a candle – This one is my favorite method of Sending Distant Reiki. You can use a candle of the color of the chakra that you want to energize, or to use use a simple white candle. Carve the Reiki symbols into the candle and energize the candle by sending healing energy towards your patient. When you are done then light up the candle by setting your intention of sending universal love as long as the candle burns. Then let the candle burn all the way down. Don’t forget to thank Reiki when the process is over.


Use a crystal – crystals are full of energy. They have the ability to hold and radiate energy. Crystals are great for distant reiki because they can intensify the healing energy that you are sending. Choose a powerful crystal. It has to be big enough to draw the symbols on it. But small enough to keep it in your palm. Draw the symbols you need for sending the healing energy and keep the crystal in your palm for 15-20 minutes. Be careful to clean your crystal before every reiki sending session. Or use Reiki Healing Crystals.

Use a stuffed animal – it can be a stuffed animal or a doll, anything you prefer. It eases the process of energizing because you can use it as a surrogate. This way you can send reiki to precise parts of the patients body. Maybe it sounds like a woodoo doll, but it works very great.

Use seeds – in illnesses that need a longer treatment, you can use seeds. This long term reiki healing method can send the universal love continuously. You have to energize the seed and set the intention of sending the reiki towards your patient. Plant the seed and let it grow. Don’t forget to reiki the plant periodically. As long as the plant grows, the reiki flows towards your patient. When the plant stops growing and dies, thank it for its help.

After every method of Sending Distant Reiki, don’t forget to thank Reiki. These sinple five methods will change the way you were sending Reiki until now. They will ease the whole process, intensifying the amount of energy. Try all of these methods, and choose the one that works best for you in certain situations.

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