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Angel Samandriel – The Angel of Imagination

Angel Samandriel is mostly known from the popular TV show Supernatural. But not many people know that this fictional character is based on a real angel. Samandriel also known as Samandiriel, Yushamin or Yusamin is the angel of fertility. But also the angel of imagination.

Who is Angel Samandriel?

SamandrielSamandriel appears in Mandaean Lore as the angel or spirit of fertility. He receives the prayers and keeps them. Until he thinks that the time has come to act on them. He even appears in The Canonical Prayerbook of the Mandaeans, page 272. As Yushamin, in the same lore, he is one of the 3 Supreme Uthri (angels). There are not so many sources that mention Angel Samandiriel’s name. But mediums, psychics and gifted authors like Richard Webber consider him the angel of imagination and visualization. Webber encourages everyone who has problem with meditation, visualization or creativity can call upon this angel.

Therefore, this holy angel is the one that will help you to make your visualization skills better during your meditation. Also, if you have a creative job that needs imagination, he is the one that will help you when you are facing a creative blockage.

Samandiriel The Angel Of Creativity

This powerful angel watches over people who create, such as artists, poets, writers and more. If you need a drop of creativity for a new project, call upon Samandriel.

Webber also encourages those who are facing problems with conception to call upon this holy angel. And to pray for his help. He will watch over couples who struggle with fertility. Bringing them healing or comfort. Samandriel can also dissolve the emotional and spiritual blockages that cause fertility.

Although most sources mention Samandriel as a holy angel, I personally don’t advice praying directly to him. Mostly because in our days it is not clear which angel is good and which one is evil. If you struggle with fertility, you can call upon the Angel of Fertility. And most likely, Samandiriel will arrive to help. The same is true for the Angel of imagination or creativity.

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