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Reduce Cholesterol Levels

Reduce Cholesterol Levels

High cholesterol levels can negatively impact your health and put you at risk for chronic diseases. High blood cholesterol can increase the risk of heart diseases, contributes to arteries clogging and can be potentially deadly.

In more serious cases, medication is the only one that helps alleviate symptoms. But you can make your food your medication. Lifestyle and dietary changes go a long way in ensuring your overall health for many years to come.

Here are some simple ways to reduce your cholesterol levels:

Increase fiber. Soluble fiber in particular is efficient in clearing out the built-up cholesterol. Soluble fiber is absorbed out of the digestive tract and released into your blood stream. This helps clear out the cholesterol that has build up in your arteries. Increase the amount of fruits, vegetables and oats and you will contribute to the decrease of your cholesterol levels.

Watch your fat sources. Saturated fats are your number one enemy. Found in animal fat, dairy products, and baked foods, these fat increase blood cholesterol levels. Switch to the unsaturated type and include more olive or coconut oil and keep awa
y from heavily processed foods.

Eat less sugar. A clean way to regulareduce-cholesterolte both cholesterol and blood sugar levels is to pay attention to the amount of sugar you eat. Too much sugar in your blood stream promotes fat storage and directly affects your liver. All you’ll have to do is be more mindful about your sugar intake and gradually eliminate foods that are heavily sweetened.

Reduce Cholesterol Levels

Exercise regularly. Exercise is a great way to lower bad cholesterol levels and lose weight. These two connected will significantly reduce your cholesterol levels and decrease the risk of dangerous diseases.

Increase Omega-3 consumption. These healthy fats contribute to a lowering of your cholesterol and promote an overall good health. You can get your recommended intake from fish, olive oil and chia seeds. If needed, you can also take fish oil supplements.

Lose weight. Being overweight consequently contributes to a high blood cholesterol. Anybody you ask will tell you that you need to lose some weight before anything else. This will positively impact your overall health, and provide relief from high blood pressure and acid reflux.

All these steps will lower your cholesterol levels and improve your overall health. Lifestyle and dietary changes will consequently help you make more healthy choices and keep you away from potentially deadly diseases.


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