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Red Clover for Acne

Red Clover for Acne

Acne is a serious skin condition that affects a vast majority of the world’s population. Only in America, 80% of the population between 12 and 30 suffers from acne. This condition happens when your sebaceous glands get blocked, leading to infections. The use of certain cosmetic products can make the acne worse. This is why people prefer natural remedies. Today we are talking about red clover for acne.

Red clover originates from Europe and Asia but you can also find it in America. Native American people used it to treat skin irritations because they understood how powerful this plant really is. Red clover has the ability to purify the body of toxins. This is important for those that suffer from acne. Infected blood can cause more acne-flare ups. First of all, red clover cleanses the liver. This is the primary source responsible for blockages. If the liver does not function properly, then impurities get in our bloodstream.

Red Clover for Acnered clover for acne

Because it has anti-inflammatory properties, the plant helps reduce the swelling and irritation in the area. In addition to this, by encouraging bile production, it stimulates the digestive system. In turn, by eliminating the toxins, you get cleaner and healthier skin. Red clover is a great toner for your body, offering you a wide range of nutrients. All of them help your skin condition and speed up cell regeneration.

You can eat red clover in salads, teas or even raw with honey. Try to buy organic red clover, because it does not contain any traces of pesticides. If you want to, you can find red clover oil, pills or even tincture. However, try to consult with a specialist before you start any medical cure with the latter. They will tell you the appropriate dosage.

In conclusion, using red clover for acne can actually offer you positive results. If you want to follow an intensive cure, consult with your doctor. Red clover may interact with other pills that you are taking. Be sure to get the OK before you proceed.

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