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Raw Food Diet

Raw Food Diet

Raw Food Diet is a form of dietary that is based on the fact that cooked food have lack of nutrients and natural enzymes. Heating at over 104 degrees can destroy every natural enzymes that our body needs for a proper functioning. These enzymes are important due to their property of boosting our digestion and fighting chronic diseases. These enzymes help us digest the food with less effort. Over processed food is very hard for our body to digest because they have no enzymes at all. So cooking our food is bad for our health. If you wonder what is The Raw Food Diet, then here are some information.

Raw Food Diet

Raw Food Diet

A Raw Food Diet menu is mostly composed of raw fruits, vegetables and whole grains. The first thing that you will notice when you start this diet that you are going to lose weight. This is caused by the fact that raw fruits, vegetables and grains are low in calories and fat. They are also high in fibers, which are important in most of the weight loss diets.

This diet will boost your immune system. The raw fruits and vegetables are full of vitamins and nutrients that our body needs. The food your consume must bee uncooked, unprocessed and organic. Imagine a diet full of vitamins, nutrients, minerals and fibers. All the toxins will be eliminated with this diet. The adepts say tat this diet can get you rid of headaches and allergies. It can boost your immune system and also your memory. This diet can improve illnesses like arthritis and diabetes.

Maybe you ask yourself now: What can I eat?

Well, you can eat raw fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts and grains. You can also introduce to your diet raw eggs, meat or fish. Eggs and fish are recommended for the protein and calcium they contain. Usually when you are on this diet with only vegan recipes, your body can get less protein, iron and calcium then it needs. But there are also vegetables high on protein, like mushrooms, cauliflower, garlic, kale, broccoli, etc.

The biggest disadvantage in the Raw Food Diet is that you can’t avoid food poisoning. Boiling and cooking your food can’t kill only the enzymes, but also kills bacteria. But if you purchase your food from a safe provider, then you just have to be sure that you washed them properly. It is a hard diet to follow, but there are more and more Raw Food restaurants waiting for you with delicious recipes.

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