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Rainbow Quartz Crystal

The Powerful Energy Of The Rainbow Quartz Crystal

Rainbow Quartz Crystal – This beautiful quartz crystal gained its name due to the breathtaking rainbows it displays. These rainbows form due to some reflective mirror veils that the crystal contains. The Rainbow Quartz Crystal is often called “The Wish Granting Stone”. Mostly because it is a powerful manifestation crystal.

Rainbow Quartz Crystal – It Is Time For You To Make A Wish

Rainbow Quartz Crystal

The Rainbow Quartz Crystal is vigorous manifestation crystal. And this property is mostly due to its rainbow. Which contains all the basic colors, resonating with almost anything in the Universe. Therefore, resonating with your wishes and goals, anything they might be.

If you need change or you want to achieve one of your goals, this crystal will allow you to manifest anything. Keep it close to you as a jewelry, or keep it in your hands. Clean it periodically and program it with your intentions. Even if you are not an expert in crystal programming, you can keep it in your palms while focusing on your intentions.

You can also try meditating with this crystal. It works great with visualization meditations. Just place it on your solar plexus chakra and breath slowly and deeply. Close your eyes and visualize your goal. Feel it in all of your cells. Visualize every detail. And enjoy the feeling that your achievement gives you. The crystal will focus your intention and it will intensify its energy. And you will achieve your goal quicker than every, due to the manifesting energy of the rainbow quartz.

Chakra Balancing With The Rainbow Quartz Crystal

The Rainbow Quartz is also an amazing healing crystal. Due to its color, it resonates with every chakra in your body. Therefore, it works great in energizing each 7 chakras at the same time. Hence, it brings remedy to illnesses and health issues caused by chakra imbalance.

There are numerous types of Rainbow Quartz Crystals. The most popular are: Citrine Rainbow Quartz, Smokey Elestial Quartz and Tibetan Rainbow Quartz. These crystals are more powerful than their simple versions. This is due to the fact that they contain the colors of the rainbow beside their original colors. For example, Rainbow Citrine is more powerful than the simple Citrine Quartz.

There are 3 powerful types of Rainbow Quartz Crystals:

Rainbow Quartz Crystal - 1

  • Smokey Rainbow Quartz – it brings grounding and it is a great ally in meditation. It doesn’t only remove, but it also transforms the negative energy around you.
  • Tibetan Rainbow Quartz – this beautiful Rainbow Quartz Crystal is often used by those who communicate with the spiritual world. But it is also helpful in communicating with a Celestial Being.
  • Citrine Rainbow Quartz – this beautiful crystal fills you with positive energy, joy, hope, happiness and optimism. It transforms your negative emotions into positive ones. In other words, this crystal transforms your hopelessness into hopefulness and optimism.

The Rainbow Quartz Crystal is a powerful manifesting stone. It also brings balance and harmony. Use this crystal to make your dreams come true. And maintain the balance of your chakras wearing this crystal daily.

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