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Preventing Holiday Weight Gain

Preventing Holiday Weight Gain

With the winter holidays approaching, your ambition to eat healthy and stay in shape seems to weaken. Attending all of those holiday parties without indulging and overeating seems impossible. However, it can be easy to get through the holiday celebrations without all of that. Preventing holiday weight gain is easy if you know how. These little tips will prepare your for the holiday parties and teach you what and how to eat.

Preventing Holiday Weight Gain

preventing holiday weight gain

Bring your own dish. A good tip towards preventing holidays weight gain is to bring your own food to a party. If it’s the type of celebration where it’s appropriate, then by all means, bring your own food. Your host will definitely appreciate your efforts and you can eat without worrying about calories.

Make a plate. Rather than always making trips to the table and seeing what’s available, make your own plate. By doing this, you can more easily keep track of what and how much you’ve eaten.

Drink water. In between all those alcoholic beverages, it is important to sip on some water too. This will keep you hydrated and fresh the whole night. Also, holding onto a glass of something prevents you from snacking so much,which is a bonus.

Preventing Holiday Weight Gain

Look for healthy options. Before you start eating whatever is presented to you, look for what food is available. After you’ve seen your alternatives, opt for the healthiest looking dish and eat away.

Indulge. It’s the holidays after all. As long as you don’t overdo it, you can still have a serving of your favorite dishes. Dieting doesn’t have to mean avoiding holiday food altogether, just aiming for a balanced meal. The reason that many people give up on their diets is because they withhold too many foods and they crack under prssure.

All in all, preventing holiday weight gain is not hard when you know what to do. This season you goals do not have to be put on hold anymore. Holiday celebrations should not be avoided, therefore eat, be merry, and stay in shape!


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