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Power Foods For The Brain

6 Power Foods For The Brain

This Power Foods For The Brain list contains a top six foods that are healthy for our brain. Our brain need certain nutrients for a proper functioning. It was demonstrated scientifically that there are foods that can improve impressively our memory. They make it easier to concentrate, learn or study. You brain will be stronger. I will present you six foods and their benefits in brain functions.

Although we know how to keep our brain healthy. We don’t really know how does it function. It is still the most mysterious part of our body. Did you ever ask yourself Is The Brain a Muscle?

Power Foods For The Brain

Power Foods For The Brain:

Salmon is a daily consumed food by many people. It is very healthy not only for the heart. But also for the brain. It contains DHA which is can boost the neuron function in our brains. Salmon is also rich in omega-3 acids. These fatty acids are important for every diet.

Avocados are the second on my Brain Foods list. They are rich in unsaturated fats. Also, they are extremely healthy and they also keep the brain cell’s membranes flexible. And they are also rich in monounsaturated fatty acids. They protect our nerve cells and also improve the muscle strength. They are not only healthy for our brain, but also for the blood flow in our body.

Blueberries are the most important on the Brain Foods list. It is a power food for our brain. Why? It was proven scientifically that they not only improve our memory. But also reverse our memory loss. Consuming blueberries extract daily can reverse nerve cell damage. It can improve the short term memory. And also improve our balance and co-ordination.

Broccoli is important for our brain due to its tree nutrients. These nutrients are vitamin K, folic acid and choline. They can trenghten our cognitive abilities and improve our memory. Folic acid is a champion against Alzheimer’s disease. It can also make us happier if we consume broccoli daily.

These foods are also good for a healthy Pineal Gland.

Power Foods For The Brain

Dark chocolate is the most delicious on our Power Foods For The Brain list. Cocoa found in dark chocolate, can improve our verbal and cognitive functions. If you consume a certain amount of dark chocolate daily, the blood flow on the brain will increase. It is a delicious brain food with many benefits, enjoy it.

Whole grains are the last on my Brain Foods list, but not the least. They are important to our brain due to their property of releasing glucose slowly into the bloodstream. For a proper functioning, our brain needs a certain amount of glucose. Whole grains have that. They energize your brain for a longer amount of time than carbohydrates.

There are many more Power Foods For The Brain like walnuts, almond and almond milk, bananas, carrots, beans, cheese, herring, honey, olives, tuna, raspberries, peas and many more.

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