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Papaya for Heartburn

Papaya for Heartburn

Before pills and other type of drugs appeared, people used plants and other natural remedies to treat their illnesses. Papaya, a fruit that grows in tropical regions of America and Southeast Asia, can support the health of your digestive tract. Specialists even assert that the enzymes in papaya can ease digestion and that you can use papaya for heartburn. How true are these claims?

Papaya has about 10% of your daily amount of fiber intake per cup. It is full of digestive enzymes that keep your stomach in good condition. Papaya does an exceptional job in folk medicine. It also has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial applications and can speed up wound and burn healing. The enzyme responsible for all these positive digestive effects is called papain and it is extracted from the unripe fruit.

Papaya for Heartburn

papaya for heartburnBefore we move on to the benefits of papaya for heartburn, we must first understand this condition. Acid reflux happens when acid escapes from the stomach to the esophagus. Because of this you can suffer from acid reflux, heartburn and indigestion. The enzymes from papaya break down the proteins in your food. This makes it easier for your stomach to process it.

A small study showed that 42 participants that took papain extract showed an improvement in their symptoms. The others that took placebo did not. When your stomach gets distended from bloating, you are more likely to get heartburn. Although this study does show that you can use papaya for heartburn, more research on the matter is needed.

Until then, what you can do is try to change your dietary habits and make small changes to your lifestyle. Frequent acid reflux can lead to more severe complications such as ulcers and even esophageal cancer. In this case, it is prudent to consult with a doctor and get the appropriate treatment. If you want to try papain, speak with your doctor about it.

All in all, taking papaya for heartburn can improve your symptoms, but it might not work for everyone.

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