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Papaya for Acne

Papaya for Acne

Papaya has lots of properties that give acne a run for its money. Acne breakouts happen due to your skin producing too much oil. Your body produces sebum naturally to keep your scarf hydrated. However, in excessive amount it blocks your pores and keeps dead cells inside. This leads to pimples. Therefore, what you need is something to regulate oil production and unclog pores. Luckily you can use papaya for acne.

Enzymes. Papaya has lots of enzymes that have antifungal and antibacterial properties. Papaya has enzymes that dissolve proteins. Your skin also has proteins. Therefore, papaya can remove the damaged skin cells without harming your healthy tissue. This fruit can not only purify but also boost the production of new skin cells.

Vitamins A, B and C. Vitamins in papaya can help with blemishes. Vitamin A, for example, can treat inflammation and soothe swollen skin. It maintains your skin’s clarity and remove dead cells. The other two vitamins, B and C, decrease inflammation and redness. In addition to this, they decrease oil production.

Papaya for AcnePapaya for Acne

Lycopene. The fleshy part of the fruit is rich in lycopene, which helps tremendously when it comes to treating inflammation. Moreover, it can also shield your skin from other harmful environmental factors. These can clog your pores even further and promote other breakouts. We also have good news for people that want to lighten their complexion! This exotic, tasty fruit can even help you in that area. All you have to do is make a paste of it and keep it on your skin for around 15 minutes. It instantly removes red spots.

Cautions: for most people, applying mashed papaya on their skin for 15 minutes and then removing it can help. However, there are always exceptions to this rule. There are people who are allergic to papaya and can have adverse reactions. Be careful when you try any type of treatments with papaya.

All in all, you can try papaya for acne because it has only good things to offer you. Being a natural product, the chances of allergic reactions are pretty rare.

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