Crystals For Root Chakra

Crystals For Root Chakra

Crystals For Headaches

Crystals For Headaches

Rainbow Quartz Crystal

Rainbow Quartz Crystal

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Spiritual Experience

Welcome to the miraculous spiritual world!
As a start, this website was created by me to be able to share with you the spiritual knowledge I discover everyday. Because I think that every religion and spiritual practice has some truth in it. So I decided to study and discover as many spiritual experiences as I can. I am just a normal human being, who was born christian, with no other spiritual experience. And who always thought that life can't be as simple as most of us think. Therefore, life is not only about birth, living and death. Because I always knew that there is an energy, light, force (God). An energy that created us.
Furthermore, I am happy to share with you the knowledge I gather by reading books and articles, watching and participating to presentations and seminars. Every article you find was written by me. And it contains my personal Spiritual Experience! my own opinion about the stuff I read that day/week. I will try to post new articles everyday or week, as often as I can.

Your path towards Spiritual Experience

The website filled of helpful information about the spiritual realms.
“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience” said Pierre Teilhard de Chardin. And he is so right. We became too busy with this material world. And we forgot who we really are. Every soul in this Universe has its own Spiritual Experience, its own path to follow.
Many of us heard of spiritual awakening, mindfulness, inner peace, but we don't really know what those terms really mean. And we are seeking the inner peace. But we have no idea how easy it is to achieve it. To be brief, we were designed to be spiritual, it is not hard for us to be. Therefore, we just have to fight our “ego”, the “bad boy”. Who tries to keep us focused on the material world, on the problems, stress, fears, and many more.
On this website you can find articles about angels, who can help you make your life easier and better. You can find facts and descriptions of different spiritual, healing and meditation practices. Also, I talk about the benefits of these methods. You can find healthy diets for a healthy body and spirit as well. And I also write articles about yoga poses, types, benefits, etc. In conclusion, I hope that my articles and my own spiritual experience will help you to discover new knowledge and convince you to try to get your own spiritual experiences. So start reading! And I wish you love and success in finding your path!