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Other Basic Yoga Asanas

Other Basic Yoga Asanas

Other Basic Yoga Asanas beside of the 15 mentioned in a previous post are also very simple positions for yoga beginners. This is the sequel of my previous article “Basic Yoga Asanas”, though.

Other Basic Yoga AsanasThis way I will continue with a few Other Basic Yoga Asanas that are easy to practice and exercise even at home. If you are new and you are not used to yoga, these positions will make your body get used to more complicated positions very quickly. So, you have to practice every time you can. With practice and courage, you will be able to try all the Asanas in no time.


Other Basic Yoga Asanas

Other Basic Yoga Asanas are:

Bhujangasana (cobra pose). Stay in a curved pose like a snake. Lie down with your forehead touching the ground. Place your palm under your shoulders. Stretch your legs while the top of your feet presses down. Inhale and press your hands and stretch them. Now push your chest upwards.

Cobra-pose-vinyasa yoga

Kapotasana (pigeon pose). Stay in a push-up position. Bend your left knee on the floor until it touches your shoulder. Lift your chest. Also, pull your navel inside. So, remain steady for 30 seconds and relax. And repeat it 5 times for each leg.

pigeon pose


Kakasana (cow pose). Put your hands with palms down in front of your feet. Bend your elbows. Now place your knees above your elbows. Shift your weight forward, until your feet come off the floor. Hold this position for 10 seconds.


Padahastasana. Stay straight while your feet are touching each other. Exhale and bend towards. Touch your feet. Keep your arms stretched. Rise upwards and go back to the initial position.


Matsyasana. This Other Basic Yoga Asanas requires you to Lie on your back. Bend your knees with your feet on the floor. Inhale and lift your upper body. Slide your hands below your buttocks. Rest your buttocks on the back of your hands. Stay in this position for 15 seconds, then relax.


Yoga Asanas

Paschimotthanasana. Sit down. Extend your legs forward. Try to touch your toes by stretching your body forward. Bend your knees and touch your toes.


Salabhasana. Other Basic Yoga Asanas which begins with lying on your belly. Hands below your tights and forehead resting on the floor. Raise your left leg. Do the same for the right. When you finished try it for both at the same time.


Balasana (child pose). Start with Vajrasana position. Raise your hands and bend them forward above your head. Rest your hands on the floor in front of you. Repeat it 10 times then relax.


Mandukasana. This Other Basic Yoga Asanas starts also with Vajrasana position (presented in a previous article). Make fists of your hands and bring them on your stomach while the joint is placed on the navel. Press your fists against the abdomen. Touch the ground with your forehead. Hold it for 20 minutes.


Shavasana (corpse pose). Lie down. Spread your legs. Let your ankles rest towards the ground. Keep your eyes closed. Breathe slowly and deeply. Concentrate on your body and stay in this meditating position for at least 5 minutes.


So, this was my second list of easy yoga positions for beginners. These 10 positions may seem complicated, but if you start with the asanas I presented in the previous article, these poses will be easier to practice. Therefore, with some practice you will get where you wish.

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