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Oregano Oil Herpes Treatment

Oregano Oil Herpes Treatment

Oregano oil is one of the most beneficial herbal oils out there. Although many people use it to flavor their food with it, its importance lies in other areas. Oregano oil can fight off lots of diseases and prevent ailments in your body. Today we will see the effects of the oregano oil herpes treatment.

The most painful symptoms of herpes are probably the outbreaks. You can turn to over-the-counter treatment for them. Or, you can try the oregano oil herpes treatment. It is natural and also safer to try. The reason why so many people turn to this treatment is simple. You will also understand it once you see how amazing this oil can be. Without further ado, let us see what oregano oil can do for this condition:

Oregano Oil Herpes TreatmentOregano Oil Herpes Treatment

It’s simple to use. Is this not reasoning enough to try it? For it to work, you can try two different options. The first one is to put a few drops on your tongue, then swallow them. This makes it easier for it to enter your nervous system. The second method you can try is to dilute it in extra virgin coconut oil or in a lotion. After you do this, you can apply it onto the problem area. When you combine it with coconut oil, the benefits double. Coconut oil is also a great antiseptic and has anti-bacterial properties.

It helps destroy the virus. Oregano oil has a compound that is effective against bacteria. Carvacrol is amazing because it goes right to the affected area and fight off bacteria. Because it also contains antibiotics, this compound can attack the membrane of the bacteria and destroy it.

Scientists also started studying the effects of oregano oil on other types of viruses. Apparently, it can do things that even medicine cannot. Herpes is also one of the conditions that cannot be treated by medicine. Patients usually take antivirals during outbreaks, and those just mask the symptoms. This type of medication can cause a number of side-effects too.

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