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Open Monitoring Meditation

Open Monitoring Meditation

– Step by Step –

Open Monitoring Meditation is a type of mindfulness meditation. Firstly, the purpose of this meditation is to observe or monitor your inner and outer world. The main thing you have to do is, basically, to stay in stillness and observe everything that happens inside your body and outside of it. When you are practicing Open Monitoring Meditation you have to find a state of peace when you are observing things without judging them. You have to use your internal perceptions to monitor your thoughts emotions and feelings. But you also need your external senses to monitor smells, sounds, the temperature of the room and many more.

Open Monitoring MeditationOpen Monitoring Meditation: Step by Step

First you need a quiet room. It must be free of any disturbance. You can choose a meditation music that can help you to relax. You can also use some scented candles or incense.

Now it’s time for you to find a comfortable spot. You can choose the lotus position, sitting on a chair or lying down. If you choose to lie down, be careful to not fall asleep. Any position you choose, your spine must be straight.

Now start to relax. Take long and deep breaths. With every exhale, feel how your body is getting more and more relaxed.

In this relaxed state start to observe your body. Monitor your organs. Then take your focus deeper. Monitor your thoughts and your feelings. Observe how you really feel. Recognize deep emotions. Your only job is to observe, not to analyze. Analyzing is equal with judging.

You can focus your attention to the outside of your being. You can observe the sounds in your room. If you are using a meditation music, monitor it. Observe the instruments and their unique sound and frequency. In Open Monitoring Meditation you can also observe the smells in your room. Take deep breaths through your nose and monitor the smells you sense.

Open Monitoring Meditation brings a powerful state of awareness. Therefore, it can help you to observe and rediscover your true self. Let this meditation to teach you how to observe things inside and around you without judging them. It will bring you a sense of compassion and understanding. Enjoy!

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