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Om Meditation

Om Meditation

– Mantra Meditation –

Om Meditation is a Hindu meditation method. This kind of meditation is based on the repeating of the mantra “OM” as you meditate. Om is a sacred sound not only in Hinduism, but also in Buddhism, Jainism and also Sikhism. This sacred syllable is believed to be the first sound of the universe. It is a sacred cosmic sound. The next step is to see what a mantra means. A mantra is a sound, a chanting, a syllable, a word or a group of words used in various meditation methods. Its purpose is to focus your mind in the sound you repeat. So now that you know what Om Meditation or Mantra Meditation is, let’s find out how to practice it.

Yoga Symbols will make the whole meditation more effective.

Om MeditationOm Meditation – Step By Step

This meditation has to be practiced with a perfectly straight spine. You can choose a lotus position. Or you can use a comfortable chair that keeps your spine erect. Now close your eyes. Breath. Take long and deep breaths. Let your body relax. Start to relax parts of your body gradually. You can start your mantra now. You can repeat it silently in your mind, whispered softly or repeated out loud. But you have to chant it over and over again.

This mantra is usually repeated 108 or 1008 times. The counting is helped by Mala Beads. Try to keep your focus on the sound. Focus on the vibration it creates in your mouth, chest and your entire body. After a while, the chant will repeat itself without your attention. But it can also fade away. Then you will stay in a silent state of inner peace.

There are more complex “OM” mantras that you can use. You can try the very popular OM MANI PADME OM or OM NAMAH SHIVAYA.

This Om Meditation is very helpful when you want to relax or to achieve a deep inner peace. The sound of the mantra in the Om Meditation also has healing properties. It creates harmony in the vibration of your body. This amazing mantra will get you closer to the divine. Enjoy!

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