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Mummy Wraps for Weight Loss

Mummy Wraps for Weight Loss

Mummy wraps for weight loss are now a popular spa treatment. However, they are also something you can use at home. You just need some natural ingredients and patience. The weight loss from these mummy wraps does not come from losing fat. It is from shedding the excess water and the toxins. Body wraps are a great way of detoxifying and feeling better.

How Body Wraps Work

There are a couple of ways in which these body wraps can help you lose weight. The first is due to the squeezing of the wraps. Since you are tied up in the bandages, the tissues will naturally compress. The second way is due to the extraction of the water and toxins. When you apply a wrap, your pores open up and allow the toxins to seep out.

Mummy Wraps for Weight LossMummy Wraps for Weight Loss

In order to make mummy wraps for weight loss you just need almost any type of powdered clay. The most common is probably with bentonite, green clay and seaweed. You can find them at health food stores or spa supply stores. Mix up the clay with water so you get a paste. You can also include a few drops of essential oil in the mix.

Dip some ace bandages into the mixture, then wrap yourself up in them. You can have a friend help you if you want to cover more of a body surface. You can exclude the feet, hands and head from the process. Always wrap towards your heart, because this promotes lymphatic drainage. Lay down on the bed and get comfortable, as this will take awhile.

After about 30 minutes, have your friend take off the bandages. Unwrapping one leg or arm at a time would be best. You should take care so as to avoid getting chilled. Use a damn, warm cloth to wipe off the excess clay from your body. Sit up slowly, as you might get dizzy after lying down for so long.

You can repeat the process one a week if you desire. The clay has a tendency to dry the skin, therefore apply a moisturizing cream afterwards.

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