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Motivating Mantras

4 Amazing Motivating Mantras

Your meditation sessions can be improved with Motivating Mantras. These mantras are phrases that help your focus and concentration. They are also great for healing, feeling safe and becoming more self-confident. There are some Motivating Mantras that are more effective and powerful than others. They are easy to speak, understand and to repeat. Your concentration will be on every word you say. And your mind will become clearer. These Motivating Mantras also help you to tell the universe what you want or what you need.

Motivating Mantras

Motivating Mantras:

I AM SAFE – This powerful mantra is great for those who are lonely. It fills you with love, self confident and the feeling of being safe. If you are desperate for a partner, You should use this mantra at least twice a week. You can’t find your soulmate when you are feeling unsafe and unloved. Confidence will attract people into your life. This mantra will help you to find friends that you can have trust in.

I TRUST MYSELF – This Motivating Mantras helps you to trust your own abilities. It helps you to solve your problems. This mantra will give you the trust and the power you need to create a better life for yourself. Use this mantra if you are shy, if you are afraid of something or if you have too many problems in your life. Let it transform your life.

I CREATE MY OWN REALITY – This is the best mantra for those who need a change. If you feel that your life is not what you wish for, than use this mantra. It will give you the power to change. This mantra will help you to get the life that can make you happy.


THE UNIVERSE LOVES AND SUPPORTS ME – You are not alone. The universe is taking care of all of us. He supports you and sends positive energy to help you reach your goals. You are never alone with your problems. The help is on the way. Your life will improve. The changes you need in your life has to be made by you. Knowing what you need for a happy life is a big step towards the universe. Let it know what you need, and the universe will take care of it.

These Motivating Mantras are great and very powerful. I recommend you to use them in the morning when you are setting your intentions for the day. You can choose any of these mantras or use a personalized one. The most important thing is to be devoted to your mantra and chant it as often as you can meditate. And don’t forget that 20 minutes of meditation a day is the best way to keep your body, mind and spirit healthy. Enjoy!

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