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Mold Exposure Dangers

Mold Exposure Dangers

To begin with, the dangers of mold exposure are very well known. Any type of mold becomes visible by an unpleasant odor, water stains, and peeling or cracked paint. The main factors that cause mold include inappropriate heating, ventilation and insulation.

Mold exposure has potentially deadly health effects. Their effect are visible in time and manifest through skin contact, ingestion and inhalation. Those who have a weak immune system are more prone to suffer from the prolonged exposure.

Here are some of the known mold exposure dangers:

Asthma. Prolonged exposure oftentimes leads to chronic respiratory problems. Asthma affects children from early ages and make them more susceptible to infections and bacteria. To avoid it, make sure that you control any dampness or mold from spreading.

Rhinitis infections. Fungal concentrations increase the risk of developing rhinitis infections. Consequently, exposure contributes to increased severity of rhinitis symptoms.

Headaches. Another consequence of the toxicity is headaches. Headaches are also accompanied by fatigue, tiredness and soreness of the muscles. To eliminate these symptoms, you’ll have to eliminate your exposure to the toxins.

Weak immunity. Frequentmold health problems, it attacks your immune system’s response to infections. The fungi produce organic compounds that impair your immune response. In turn, it will make you more prone to illnesses.

Mold Exposure

Skin rashes. Mold exposure can present through skin rashes and infections. Those of you who have sensitive skins, are in danger of suffering from more serious skin problems. Common symptoms include inflammation, rashes, blisters and severe itchiness.

Circulatory problems. Long-term exposure cause circulatory problems through ingestion and inhalation of the toxins. These toxins will quickly find their way into your blood stream. From there, they could lead to blood clotting, irregular heartbeat and even internal or external bleeding.

This exposure is a serious thing that should be treated as such. Don’t thread lightly with your health. As soon as you have discovered the problem, take action to remove it completely. So, it would be best if you limited your exposure to as little as possible.

All in all, talk to your landlord about the problem and consider moving if it cannot be solved. Prolonged exposure to the toxins and bacteria can cause serious and potentially deadly health problems.


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