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Mitzrael Angel of Reparation

Mitzrael Angel of Reparation

Mitzrael Angel of Reparation is the 60th name of God. The Bible scripture according to the name: “ The Lord is righteous in all his ways and holy in all his works”. Firstly, the meaning of the name Mitzrael is God Liberating The Oppressed (Deus Sublevans Opressos). Also, he belongs to the choir of Elohims (Jewish) and Archangels (Christian).

Mitzrael Angel of Reparation

Mitzrael Angel of Reparation

Mitzrael is the patron angel of internal reparation. Also, he can help anyone learn and understand obedience and authority. Mitzrael  allow you to rectificate aspects of your life. He can heal mental illness and bring reparation through spiritual awareness. Mitzrael can facilitate the study and practice of psychology and psychiatry. He also facilitates and allow you to practice intellectual work and harmonization. Mitzrael can reunite your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. If you study and want to succeed in neurobiology and neurotechnology, Mitzrael can guide you. He will bring simplicity to every aspect of your life.

Mitzrael Angel of Reparation solves helpless situations. Pray for his protection when you feel you need to abandon certain situations. Mitzrael can protect you from the fear of change. He also protects you from mistakes, refusal, fragility, disobedience and lack of cooperation. But he can also help you if you suffer from mental illnesses. Such as paranoia, schizophrenia, madness, etc. He can cure chronic fatigue. And even migraines. Pray for the guidance of Mitzrael when you face people who are complicated, critical, rebel, etc.

Guardian Angel

Mitzrael Angel of Reparation is the protector of those who were born between January 16 and January 20. In conclusion, those who were born in this period are always searching for their higher self. They can easily rectify their mistakes. The purpose of their life is to find balance and wisdom. They are tireless workers. Also, they know what their karma is and how to get rid of it. Those who were born under the influence of Mitzrael recognize everything as the creations of God. They are very mature and in peace with their conscience. They will become physical and spiritual symbols for mankind.

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