Mindfulness Of Emotions Exercise

Mindfulness Of Emotions Exercise

Mindfulness Of Emotions Exercise – Each human being experiences a sense of emotional overwhelming. It is hard to create and maintain the balance in your emotional state. One of the best ways to declutter yourself emotionally is to create emotional mindfulness. It is state of sorting out and understand your own emotions. This easy Mindfulness Of Emotions Exercise will help you to discover your hidden emotions. Analyze them. And then let them go.

The 8 Steps Of The Mindfulness Of Emotions Exercise

Relax – this exercise is a meditation. You have find a quiet place. Where you will not be disturbed. Also, make sure to leave your phone in another room. So, nobody will interrupt your meditation. You will need a few minutes of loneliness and silence.

Mindfulness Of Emotions Exercise

Breath – it is time to move your focus on your breath. Take slow and deep breaths. Breath through your belly. Notice every muscle on your abdomen and in your chest expanding and diminish with every breath in and out.

Observe – now move your focus to your feelings. Observe your feelings. Don’t alter them, just notice them.

Identify – now try to identify the feeling. Analyze it to see if it is a negative or a positive feeling. It usually is a negative feeling. You might feel sad, lonely, hopeless, worried, anxious or something else. Identify that emotion.

Take in – after analyzing the emotion, take it in. Stop considering it a foreign emotion. Because it is yours. Therefore, accept it. Because it is a natural emotional reaction.

Dig Deeper – now start to identify the roots of that feeling. You have to identify the source of this feeling. Also investigate in which circumstances did it appear. Knowing the root of that feeling, will make it easier to understand it. And to let it go in the end.

Mindfulness Of Emotions Exercise

Pay attention to your body – now that you identified the feeling and its root, it is time to see its effects on you. Therefore, analyze your body, analyze how your body transforms due to that feeling. Notice the thoughts that are provoked by that feeling. Don’t judge your thoughts or that feeling. Just notice.

Let it go – now that you acknowledged that feeling, you are able to let it go. You already know what provoked that feeling. And you know that it is a part of you. Therefore, you can let it go now.

Finally, if you want you can stop here, and you can continue later or another day. But if you feel strong, you can continue with another feeling that appears. This Mindfulness Of Emotions Exercise is not a daily meditation. You have to practice it every time that you feel an intense emotion. This way you will maintain a great emotional balance.

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