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Metta Meditation

Metta Meditation

– Loving Kindness Meditation –

Metta Meditation is a style of Zen meditation. The word “metta” means kindness and good will. The provenance of this meditation method is in Theravada and The Tibetan lineages. Metta Meditation is the best meditation method if you want to boost your empathy for others, learn and understand compassion, learn to love yourself and others and also to learn to accept your life and feel that you have a purpose on earth.

Metta MeditationHow to practice Metta Meditation?

To start this meditation, you have to find a comfortable position. You can use soft meditation music, candles or incense. When you are seated comfortably and everything is prepared, you can start to focus on your breath. Start to breath in and out slowly and deeply. Relax your body gradually. When you are feeling relaxed you can start the process of feeling compassion. First you have to love yourself. You have to feel a strong love, kindness and compassion for your own self. You love your body, your mind, your spirit, your thoughts, your emotions, everything.

The next step is to feel the same love for a good friend or family member. Imagine that person standing in front of you. Imagine how you hold him/her and show compassion towards that person.

Step By Step Guide

This meditation is getting harder and harder gradually. Usually, you can’t finish it in only one session. But with practice you will be able to get through it. The next step is a neutral person. Someone who you don’t have interactions with. You have to chose a random person who never helped or hurt you. The next step, as you maybe already sense, will be a person who hurt you. In this step you have to forgive everything and to learn to show love and kindness towards that person. It is not easy, but with practice, you can learn to show compassion to him/her.

The next step is to show love compassion and love to all four of the above in an equal measure. You have to show the same amount of kindness for yourself, as for a good friend, as anybody, as for someone who hurt you. This is one of the hardest steps. It teaches you the fact that we are all one, we are all a part of the divine. You have to love everybody equally, because they are parts of the same divine as yourself.

And the last step of the Metta Meditation is to show compassion to the whole universe. You have to learn to show kindness to everything around you. Every little thing in this world is a creation of the divine.

Metta Meditation is a very powerful spiritual practice that will teach you to love and show compassion to every creation of the divine. You will start with yourself and gradually, you will learn to love everything around you. Enjoy!

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