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Meditation Mantras

Meditation Mantras

Meditation Mantras are sounds and words or group of words that have spiritual power if we repeat them while we meditate. When we choose a mantra, it can enter our subconscious and change our negative thoughts and habits into positive ones. They are the medicine for our spirit. The most powerful and ancient mantras are all in Sanskrit. It is believed to be the “perfect language”. The Sanskrit words, when they are correctly pronounced, they can produce certain vibrations. These vibrations can send messages to the Universe, which will start to work for your benefits.

Meditation Mantras

Meditation Mantras

Here are five ancient Sanskrit Meditation Mantras with high powers:


It is the sound of the Universe. A powerful Meditation Symbol, “OM” is the first vibration, the first sound of the Universe. It represents the birth, death and also the rebirth. When you are chanting this mantra, you will start to resonate with the Universe. “OM” is the best mantra to begin and finish a meditation session. It is also a great mantra to chant when you just want to relax and release all the stress.


This mantra represents a bow to the goddess Shiva. She is the supreme goddess of transformation. She is the truest and highest self. This mantra can help us increase the confidence in ourselves. It reminds us that we are all created by the divine energy and we should treat ourselves like a part of the divine.


This mantra is translated as “I bow to the elephant-faced deity who can remove all the obstacles. I pray for blessings and protection”. The elephant-faced deity is Ganesh, also known as the god of wisdom and success. He is the destroyer of every obstacles. It is a great mantra to chant when you are in difficult situations or when you want to have a safe travel.


The translation of this mantra is: “May every creation of the everywhere be happy and free and may the thoughts, words and actions of my life minister in some way to the happiness and freedom of all”. This is the mantra of those who desire for a life of non-harming. It is also useful for those who dedicate themselves to serve the greater good. This mantra creates harmony between you, the environment, animals and other human beings.






This mantra is translated as: May the God protect and bless all of us. May he nurture us and give us the strength to work together for the benefits of humanity. May our learning be good and full of purpose. And May we never turn against each other. This is a great mantra to start your day with. It is also great for a new working day and harmony with the working colleges. You can also use this mantra in your family, to create harmony and to work together motivated.

I hope that these Meditation Mantras sound good to you and will help you. These are very powerful Meditation Mantras that can help you from creating harmony, release stress to pass difficult situations. Use them as often as you can. May you feel all the benefits of these Meditation Mantras. Namaste!

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